The Care And Keeping Of Machine Tools

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In this day and age, many in almost any industry find themselves relying upon machine tools of some kind. Machine tools can do everything from manufacture to repair, and even under certain circumstances destroy. But for all that machine tools are used and relied upon, they become useless if they aren’t working correctly. While damaged machinery can often be replaced, that doesn’t mean it should be. Damaged equipment often costs more to replace than it would to repair. Some damage can be repaired in a way that completely restores the equipment, and machine tool repair is probably more accessible than you might think. By taking advantage of machine shop services, you can have everything from a Genie material lift to a welding machine repaired. The main thing to remember is staying proactive and aware. The sooner you take notice of damage or inconsistency in your machines, the sooner you can have it repaired. Certainly, there is a price that comes with repairs; but replacements are usually more expensive and in some circumstances not even possible if your particular machine tool has gone out of production. A machine repair shop can ensure that you will have your machine tools back to their old working condition in a short amount of time — and that way, you can get back to business.

A Brief History Of Machine Tools

So, what is a machine tool exactly? A machine tool is defined as a machine made to shape metals and other rigid materials. Original machine tools date back to as far as 1200 B.C., though of course these are a far cry from materials like the Genie material lift. With that being said, many of the early machine tools in use do bear some level of resemblance to what we use today. For example, we use lathes today — and lathes date back to Ancient Egypt, with the bow drill being of a similarly ancient nature. These tools were used and in the case of the lathe in particular are still used to create candle sticks, musical instruments, table legs, and gun barrels. Gradually, in the Industrial Revolution, they began to be used for water wheels and steam engines. Of course, the lathe was not the only machine tool in popular use as time went on. The need for perfect cylinders led to the creation of the boring mill. The boring mill is water-powered, and creates those perfect cylinders. Eventually, we got to today’s tools, like the Genie material lift.

How To Keep Your Tools Safe

Machining tools are used for manual labor and are thus durable. But they still need to be well-cared for to prevent damage or wear. To keep them working well for a long period of time, keep your tools away from the elements when not in use. In particular, they need to be kept dry. A lot of the time, unclean tools develop build up. This can cause damage, and in turn make the tool perform poorly. Machine tools should be cleaned on a regular basis — consider this a part of maintenance. If your machine tools regularly rub together in the process of work, they need to be kept lubricated. Otherwise, they can wear down and become damaged. Keep an eye out for strange noises when you use your machine tools — odd sounds could be a sign that the tool is damaged. Whether you’re working with a Genie material lift or a lathe, it can be all too easy for us to miss these crucial signs.

Why Do We Use Machine Tools?

With all of this necessary maintenance in mind, it can be hard to remember when we use machine tools. We simply can’t work without them. With these tools, we can remove material from a piece and increase its functionality. They can perform actions such as threading, boring, facing, and turning. Machine tools have been around for centuries for a reason. Take care of yours.

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