The Benefits of Machine Shop Services for Manufacturers

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Arc welding

Bow lathes and bow drills have been discovered to exist since 1,200 BC in Ancient Egypt. Such machine tools continued to evolve over the course of human history with the next major development taking place in 18th century England as James Watt’s need for bored cylinders lead to the creation of the water-powered boring mill — this in turn directly lead to the creation of the steam engine. Today’s machine tools provide a wide assortment of functions including threading, boring, turning, and facing metal to aid in a variety of manufacturing applications; by turning raw materials like wood and metal into precisely made pieces, machine tools are responsible for pushing the capability of human industry forward.

Proper Tool Maintenance

Maintaining machine tools is essential to avoiding the high cost of rebuilding tools that break down. Machine tools must be kept in a dry place away from the elements to prevent rusting. Machine tools must also be cleaned regularly to prevent build up that could result in damage or decreased functionality. Tools like lathes ought to be regularly inspected: the drive belt in particular should be regularly checked for tension and consistency to avoid the need for precision machine repairs. Without the proper experience and know-how, a machine tool can quickly go from a vital manufacturing asset to a costly manufacturing nightmare.

How Machine Shop and Engineering Services Drive Modern Businesses

The need for specialized machine tools arouse from specific industry. Firearms, bicycles, sewing machines, automobiles, and aircraft all demanded evolutions in machine tools — machine shop and engineering services continue to adapt symbiotically as industry evolves. Machine shop services are crucial to businesses that require precise metal-shaping as a part of their manufacturing process. By relying on the skill and expertise of these machine shops, companies can eliminate the need to purchase and maintain costly machine tools.

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