Taking A Closer Look At Safely Driving A Truck In The United States


There are as many as six million car and other such motor vehicle accidents over the course of just one year here in the United States. Many of these accidents lead to injuries – as many as three million of them in that same span of time – and up to thirty thousand deaths, if not significantly more, will happen because of them as well. Unfortunately, many of these car accidents and other such motor vehicle accidents are largely preventable.

From drunk driving to driving while distracted, driver error has led to many an unnecessary car crash, often including unnecessary injuries and unnecessary deaths, both tragedies that can have a truly life long impact for those who are involved. Of course, the total reasons for preventable car crashes and other such motor vehicle accidents extends much farther. For instance, debris that has fallen off of trucks leads to as many as two hundred thousand motor vehicle accidents over the course of just one year here in the United States alone.

And trucks, from eighteen wheelers to pick up trucks, are very much common here in the United States. Over the course of a year, in fact, pick up trucks alone make up more than fifteen percent of all vehicle sales all throughout the country. In addition to this, it was also found that so called light trucks, a category that actually includes not only pick up trucks but SUVs and vans as well, have outsold cars for five years in a row, according to data that was gathered last year, in the year of 2017. This means that these light trucks and vehicles have a market share that now exceeds sixty four percent, which is truly impressive, to say the least. In that one year of 2017, as many as seventeen million of these light trucks were sold, a number that has only been expected to rise in the years that are to come.

After all, light trucks are useful for a wide variety of things, primarily for the storage space that they offer. The bed of the typical pick up truck, for instance, can be used for everything from the carrying of construction supplies to transporting camping equipment for a family vacation. Many people will even use pick up trucks for work, if they are involved in a field of manual labor, where they must transport their own equipment or materials.

However, trucks carrying such objects and goods have a potential to be dangerous, primarily if the cargo in the back of the truck has not been secured as it should be. In fact, of the two hundred thousand crashes caused by debris, more than half of them (closer to around sixty percent of them, in fact) occurred because the cargo in the back had not been secured properly. In these crashes, up to five hundred people lost their lives and even more – as many as thirty nine thousand of them – sustained an injury, often a serious one.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to prevent these accidents from happening, and it is through the use of truck stake pocket tie downs and other types of tie downs like retractable tie downs (and retractable anchors) as well as bull ring tie downs for trucks. Truck stake pocket tie downs and the like can help to secure your cargo thoroughly, ensuring that it does not become loose during transport, therefore effectively eliminating the threat of debris through the mere use of truck stake pocket tie downs. However, it is of course important to know how to accurately and correctly use your truck stake pocket tie downs, as your truck stake pocket tie downs are not likely to operate as they should if they are not being properly used.

In addition to truck stake pocket tie downs, careful driving is also a must when it comes to driving any type of larger vehicle. If you’ve never driven a larger vehicle like a truck before, it will likely take some getting used to – and might even require some additional training.

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