Scion TC Performance Parts and Their Uses

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Modding a Scion TC means buying lot of new performance parts. If you’re new to the hobby then you might be unsure of everything you will need. Each part has it’s own job and adds something extra to your car, with some being necessities and others being just for fun. Below is a list of car aftermarket parts and what they do to help you decide what Scion TC performance parts you want to buy first.

Exhaust Systems

Performance exhaust systems are a great way to add power to your vehicle while making it look and sound more impressive. They add power to your engine by creating a faster and more efficient route for your engine’s exhaust gases to escape, and they give it that satisfying rumble. When it comes to functionality and performance, this is a part you don’t want to skip out on.

Suspension Components

This is a broad category that encompasses a lot of parts and advantages. Many of them add improvements to the handling of your vehicle as well as the smoothness of the ride. Items like sway bars and shocks help the car handle better while a lowering kit might be more for aesthetic purposes. Although, lowered cars do tend to handle better on the road. You will most likely want to make some of kind of suspension changes when modding your Scion TC.

Super Chargers

Another of the Scion TC performance parts you should consider is a super charger. These help to increase the pressure supplied to an engine, giving them more oxygen and allowing them to give more power. If power is important to you and you want to give your engine all the boosts you can manage, this is something to consider.


Having a powerful and easy to handle vehicle is important in modding, but another fun part of the process is changing the aesthetics. Making your car look like it’s ready to race is one of the best parts. You can buy performance replacement parts for every part of your cars body to not only make it more aerodynamic, but to make it look better. You can even get racing steering wheels to add some excitement to the interior.

The world of performance parts is vast, but with these components you can get a great start on making your Scion TC look amazing, handle great, and give more power.

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