Safety First, Last, and Always Tips for Safe Motorcycle Riding


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It’s that time of year again. Look to your left or right while you are driving down the road and, chances are, you will see a motorcycle. Coming off the winter weather, thousand of Americans have taken their motorcycles out of the garage and gotten back on the road. With these new additions to the road every year, it is important to acknowledge the safety concerns inherent to the activity of motorcycle riding. Here are some motorcycle safety tips for drivers to keep them safe this season.

It is becoming a popular practice to build custom made motorcycles. Customizing motorcycles often involve aftermarket motorcycle parts. Many drivers choose these because they can make a bike more powerful, durable, and faster. It is important to make sure however, that the customizations made have not made the motorcycle unsafe for road use. One of the best motorcycle safety tips for drivers is not to value speed and power over personal safety.

Other motorcycle safety tips for drivers involve riding accessories. The best motorcycle clothing should be made of leather and other durable materials. This protects the body in case of a fall or scraping against another vehicle. It is also essential to wear a helmet, preferably with a visor. This not only protects the riders skull but also their eyes from flying debris.

Lastly, it is estimated that nearly half of the motorcycle crashes in the United States are caused by the motorcycle coming into contact with another vehicle. Awareness is imperative when riding in traffic. The most important of all motorcycle safety tips for drivers is being aware of their surroundings and avoiding distraction.

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