Protect Your Skin and Your Car’s Skin

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Many of us spend a lot of time in our cars. Aside from public transportation, they’re the fastest and most convenient way to get around town, to work, and to friends’ houses. Cars are also small spaces we can express ourselves, blast our favorite music, and spend hours with friends traveling country roads. Because we’re in our cars so often, and because there are so many cars on the road, we need to make sure we’re staying safe inside them in every possible way.

Tinted windows on a car may seem like a purely aesthetic choice, but there are other benefits to having them installed. Here are three reasons to consider contacting your local auto window tinting service provider:

1) Blocking Harmful Rays

Anytime we’re outside, we’re absorbing UV rays from the sun. Overexposure to these rays can have harmful effects on our skin, and even lead to skin cancer. When we’re relaxing at the beach, wearing sunscreen is a common and effective way we can protect ourselves from absorbing too many of these rays. But how many of us think about our skin when we’re in our cars?

Even though cars are enclosed, the side and rear windows still allow UV rays to enter. Side windows let in on average 63% of UVA radiation from the sun. Tinted windows provide a layer of protection from harmful UV rays by absorbing the light and keeping it out. Higher end tinted windows have been proven to block 99.9% of UV rays, and recent studies have attributed a 93% reduction in skin cell death to UV-absorbing tinted car windows.

2) Keeping Your Eyes Peeled

Keeping our skin safe is important for our long term health and safety, but our lives are at risk every time we get behind the wheel. Cars nowadays are incredibly safe and built to withstand all types of accidents, but no one wants to deal with a damaged vehicle or injury.

About 3,000 accidents a year are due to a lack of visibility caused by sun glare. While sunglasses reduce the risk of these accidents, they can’t entirely prevent the light of the sun from obstructing one’s vision. It’s good to take additional measures with auto window tinting services. Having tinted windows installed in your car helps reduce glare effects from the sun, increasing safety for everyone on the road.

3) Privacy Perks and Personal Items Protection

In addition to the safety of your car and body, it’s also important to consider the safety of your personal belongings. While it’s generally advised to not keep too many valuable items in your vehicle, some of us have no choice, especially if we work from our car.

It’s always a good idea to hide or tuck away important items in the glove box or other concealed comportment before leaving your car, but sometimes we leave things out in the open. With un-tinted windows those items are just as exposed as something in a glass display case. And even though most people aren’t so bold as to break into another person’s car, it’s best to not even give anyone a reason to think about it. Tinted windows keep personal belongings hidden from plain sight.

Auto window tinting services help keep your skin
, your car, and your belongings safe, and they give us one more reason to spend even more time in our cars!

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