How Grouser Bars Can Help Extend the Life of Your Equipment

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The United States can boast the second largest construction market in the world, with expenses running over $900 billion. In 2014, the North American market for construction equipment was over 20% of the worldwide revenue. There’s plenty of heavy equipment used in the construction industry, not least excavators and dozers. However, tracks can easily get worn out or lose traction, which can be dangerous — and costly, if you have to replace them constantly. This is where a grouser bar can help you reduce your costs, while maintaining safety and effectiveness of your treads, as well providing other advantages. There are different types of grouser bars, so it’s important to know which ones you need and how to use them properly, based on what kind of equipment you’re using them on.

What is a Grouser Bar?

A grouser is a type of device that’s used to improve the traction of continuous tracks, especially if they’re being used in looser material like dirt or snow. They work a little like snow tires, with protrusions maximizing the contact the track has with the ground. They’re often seen on bulldozers and excavators in the construction industry and on tanks or other armored vehicles in the military. With construction equipment, grousers are often in the form of bars or flat plates.

Generally speaking, dozers only use single grousers, with one tooth. Loaders typically use double grousers with two teeth and excavators employ triple grousers, with three teeth. The grousers are usually composed of metal and should not be used on paved road, as it can easily rip up pavement.

What are the Benefits of Using a Grouser Bar?
A grouser gives whatever machine it’s attached to the right amount of traction to move through loose material like sand, rock, soil, or other debris effectively. Without a grouser, the continuous track wouldn’t have the grip necessary to move forward as effectively, and stands to be worn down much quicker. Track is much more expensive to replace than grousers.

The wear and tear is telling in abrasive environments, where the grouser gets ground down much faster than the rest of the undercarriage. Regrousering presents itself as a cost-effective away to maintain the undercarriage of the equipment and can make a huge impact on how long the lifespan of the track span is. Over time, it can save thousands of dollars in how long the undercarriage lasts. Given that a 2008 survey reported that just under 30% of crawler dozer owners spent over the purchase price on repairs over the lifetime of the machine, cutting costs where you can, while maintaining efficiency and safety is a huge draw.

A grouser can also help cut down your fuel consumption — thanks to better traction and efficiency in moving forward — and help you avoid serious ground damage on your worksite. The improved performance and reduced maintenance and fuel costs alone can make investing in grousers worth it.

What Should I Look For With Grouser Tracks Parts?

Matching how wide your track is to the kind of conditions you’re facing on the worksite can help make your grouser work more effectively. Choosing the right grouser can mean you could see better grading characteristics or a faster time cutting through hard and rocky soil. The general recommendation from manufacturers is to choose the narrowest shoe that makes sense for the situation you’re facing.

The material of your grouser is also important — look for the appropriate welded steel that will stand up to the conditions you’re working with. If your grouser is made of steel that’s not good quality, you’ll wind up having to regrouser more often you’re probably looking to do. Don’t be afraid to compare and contrast from your suppliers and see who is offering the best quality options for the lowest price.

Using grousers with your equipment can make a huge difference in the longevity of your machinery and its efficiency. If you’ve been looking for ways to cut costs, look into grousers and see how they can work to your advantage.

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