How Can You Make Your Tough Pick Up Truck Even Tougher?

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Bed liner spray

Pick up trucks are born tough but spray on bedliner makes them even tougher. Spray bedliner essential covers the truck bed in a protective covering that is durable and lasting. It adds years of service by protecting the original paint, and it creates a no-skid surface in the truck bed. Bedliner spray guns apply a thick coat of protective polyurethane to the truck bed, which guards against rust. The rough anti-skid surface helps to keep cargo in place.

Why polyurethane?
Polyurethane was first developed as a substitute for rubber in the early years of World War II. The versatile material became popular quickly and by the mid-50?s, it was being used for coatings and adhesives, elastomers and rigid foams. By the late 1950?s, flexible foams that provided comfortable cushioning were being sold commercially.
Flexible polyurethane foam is widely used for bedding, furniture and in the automotive industry. It accounts for about 30% of the entire North American market for polyurethanes. Truck bedliners serve two important functions: they protect the original finishing and paints from scratches, spills and rusting. And by creating a rough, no-skid surface, they make sure that any cargo in the back of the truck will not slip around or fall out.

How bedliner spray guns work
A bedliner spray gun sprays on a layer of polyurethane that can be 1/16 inch to 4 inches in thickness. This is the optimal thickness for spray on bedliners. Any thinner, and the coating might chip or crack, even though it would cost less. This is one of those cases where savings now might lead to more expensive problems in the future. A thicker coating using a spray gun for bedliner, on the other hand, will mess up the shape and size of the truck bed.
The hand-held bedliner spray gun mixes the two individual components of the spray system, the diisocyanate and the polyol, which are fed to it by metered processing equipment. The mixture is applied to the truck bed by an applicator who has the necessary training and who is wearing a protective suit.

Types of protective lining
Applying the protective coating using a bedliner spray gun takes just a few hours. There are different types of lining available, depending on the uses to which it will be put. More flexible lining will hold cargo in the truck bed in place, cushioning it and holding it to keep it from slipping around or falling out. A more heavy duty lining will protect the surface from just about anything and withstand heavy use and very rough weather. All types of lining last for about fifteen years.

So while your pickup truck was born tough, a truck bed lining will make it even tougher, and able to withstand years of hard work.

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