Custom Car Kits The Five Reasons The AC Cobra Remains A Beloved Classic For Modern Car Enthusiasts

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To be a car enthusiast is to be an enthusiast of American history.

The United States is a massive country with a fascinating history, one that inspires millions of tourists to drop by every year in the hopes of getting a first-hand glimpse. This extends to cultural cuisine, it extends to historical landmarks and, of course, it extends to one of the classic elements of modern American culture: cars. When you become a car enthusiast you want to take a little slice of that American history with you every time you step behind the wheel and head out onto the open road. When it comes to authentic replication of times long past, you’ll find a lot to love in the Cobra car kit.

What makes the Cobra replica for sale such a mainstay?

It Was Designed As The Original Corvette-Beater

One of the most interesting aspects of the Cobra car are its origins. Shelby’s original AC Cobras were explicitly designed as ‘Corvette-Beaters’. Despite this contrast, they weighed 500 pounds less than the Chevrolet Corvette and remained a lightweight option for many car enthusiasts at the time. Carroll Shelby built 654 small-block Cobras as well as 350 big-block versions between 1962 and 1968, making the originals among some of the most coveted pieces of history for car enthusiasts.

The Cobra Is Incredibly Lightweight

Ask any car enthusiast about a lightweight model and they’ll point you right to the Shelby Cobra kit. The lightweight version of the Cobra debuted all the way back at the 1990 Geneva Salon. The weight was down to an impressive 2,360 pounds compared to the more common 2,620 pounds, with its power also up to 370 hp and 5,750 rpm. While some racing cars and roadsters are able to weigh up to 3,400 pounds, Cobras have proven you can truly have it all in one beautiful package.

You Can Match Speed With Power

Lighter doesn’t mean weaker. In fact, the Cobra kits remain astounding for their ability to match a light weight with an incredible performance. Back in 1964 an AC Cobra Coupe reached a staggering 185 miles per hour on a British motorway, astounding audiences the world over and proving the full potential of what a car could do. Your average races will see short tracks, speedways and super speedways that range from 0.5 to 2.5 miles long. You won’t have to search far to find a Cobra model in the mix.

It’s An Homage To Classic Days

A major appeal of the authentic replication is how it hearkens back to old times. You can enjoy not just an incredible performance and light weight, but an appearance that makes you look like you drove out of a limited-edition postcard. To this day there were just 538 Mark II models built. Cobra kit car manufacturers dedicate a lot of time and love into replicating their cars to match performance driving standards on top of a classic aesthetic. If this sounds like something you’re interested in? It’s time to look into a replica car kit.

An Authentic Replication Can Breathe New Life Into Your Hobby

It’s a good time to be a car enthusiast. There are wonderful car kits to built your very own muscle car or custom roadster down to your most minor specifications, with the Internet making it easy to find good discounts and reliable sellers. When you’re just starting out, though, it’s possible to get overwhelmed by all the options on display. An AC Cobra kit will hit all your high notes with room to spare. You’ll enjoy a lightweight model that’s both fast and easy to control, with an appearance that can be modified or left just the way it is. Who knows?

An authentic replication might just make you fall in love with your hobby all over again.

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