Choose Your Limo Service Wisely


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In the business world, there are many companies that like to provide their customers, and even their employees, with a little luxury. When corporate event planners put together a soiree for a company, they often look into limousine services to offer clients and other top level executives a classy way to arrive at the party.

Here are few things corporate event planners should consider when hiring a limo service.

  1. Insurance. In most cases, car and limousine service drivers are experienced, and will transport passengers safely. But, unfortunately, accidents do happen. Corporate travel services often have commercial vehicle insurance for their limos and rental cars. Many of these vehicles require at least $75,000 in liability coverage, and other vehicles that transport eight passengers or more must have about a $1 million in coverage.
  2. Operating Hours. For most corporate parties, there is usually a starting time, but the ending time is up to the guests. Some events can go into the wee hours of the night, and finding a limo service that is willing to transport passengers 24 hours a day will be the most ideal service. The limo service dispatcher should also be available all night to contact for any emergency situation.
  3. License. A limo driver should definitely have his or her license, but the company itself should have a license to operate legally as well. The state issues this number to a business, ensuring a client that the limo company is legitimate. In addition, when a limo company is part of the National Limousine Association, or accredited by the Better Business Bureau, there is a greater chance that they use best industry practices, and are reliable.

With the help of a high quality limo service, clients and employees both can enjoy a night out on the town in style and comfort. More research here.

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