Buy and Sell Used Cars Why Upgrading Isn’t As Expensive As You May Think

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Sell used cars

Currently in the United States, there are about 300 million cars on the road. Many of them are new, but much more are used. Car dealerships who buy and sell used cars can help consumers upgrade their vehicle, while paying much less than buying a brand new car. This is common practice among consumers because for every one new car that is sold, there are three to four used cars sold.

When used cars are two to four years old, they are much less expensive than new vehicles because when new vehicles are driven off the lot, there is a very high depreciation rate. In fact, most vehicles depreciate about thirty percent in the first two years. This is why in the US, cars that are only one to two year older than new models, are up to thirty percent cheaper.

About fifty seven percent of all used vehicles sold in the US are sedans or compact cars. These are usually the best cars to buy used. Sedans and compact cars are more easily maintained and to service, and will typical offer the best gas mileage. When planing to buy and sell used cars, dealerships will focus on sedans and compact cars.

Many people wonder “where can I buy used cars” and don’t realize that most dealerships offer used cars for sale and there are dealerships completely focused on buying and selling the best used vehicles. Also, there are some misconceptions about how to pay for used cars, with most people thinking they have to pay full, but typically, dealers offer used cars on finance. This makes it much easier to purchase used vehicles and helps consumers upgrade their vehicle sooner rather than later.

In the United States alone, consumers buy an average of 16 million cars per year, both new and used. When trying to purchase a new vehicle, remember that dealerships who buy and sell used cars will offer more viable options for payment and overall consumer choice. Consumers should shop around and be informed before purchasing any vehicle, and should definitely not look over the used car option.
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