Are You Looking for a Reliable College Car for Your Son or Daughter?

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Reliable used cars

Finding good pre-owned cars can be a challenge. Making a list of your top priorities, however, can make even this daunting challenge manageable.
Some of the questions to consider before you begin your search include:

  • What is your budget?
  • Do you need financing or will you pay cash?
  • Do you have a car you are trading in?
  • What size of a car do you want? Two door? Four door?
  • How important is gas mileage to you?
  • Do you have some favorite makes that you are looking for?
  • Are there any makes that you want to avoid?
  • Is there a limit for how many miles the car can already have?
  • Do you want an automatic transmission or are you willing to drive a manual transmission?
  • How far are you willing to travel to get the car that you need?
  • Do you have a car you are trading in?
  • Are you looking for a car with a warranty?
  • Do you want to purchase from a dealer or are you willing to buy from a private owner?

Purchasing reliable pre-owned cars is a not a task for the feint of heart. In the first quarter of 2015, for example, , there were 9.81 million total used vehicle sales, according to Edmunds, an online resource for all kinds of automobile information. That number that is inching close to 10 million represents a 3.25% increase over first quarter statistics from 2010. And while the newest models and makes are easy to explore online, locating the best used pre-owned cars involves a combination of leg work and phone calls, along with the necessary internet work.
Event hough the task can seem overwhelming at times, pre-owned cars are, in the eyes of many consumers, a much better value. For instance, new vehicles typically depreciate as much as 20% the second they are driven off the lot. Most of these purchases will lose another 10% of their value during the first year. In total, that represents a 30% loss in value during the initial year. Used car buyers simply cannot stand that quick depreciation. Instead, they like to swoop in and purchase affordable used cars when the have-to-drive-a-new-car buyers make their trade ins.
Affordable used trucks and affordable used vans, for instance, are often available at a fraction of the new vehicle [rice sticker, while they still have a high value. With all of the technology, fuel efficiency, and design changes that happen in the automobile industry, the drivers who want to be seen driving the newest vehicles often make trade ins at a fairly quick pace. Being able to purchase a three-year old low mileage vehicle, for instance, makes great sense to many used car buyers.
Internet Research Allows Buyers to Check the Accident History of Almost Any Vehicle
The fact that buying a used car involves some unknowns used to make these purchases more risky. Today, however, internet surfaces allow interested buyers to enter an vehicle identification number (VIN) and check for any accident reports. Any accidents that have been ticketed or any repairs that have gone through the insurance process are easy to find. Additionally, sellers are required by law to disclose any accidents or any body work that has been completed. Even if a seller is not being honest and has made some repairs himself, an inspection by a reputable and knowledgeable mechanic can often spot any warning signs.
Pre-owned car dealerships also keep detailed records of the used cars that they sell. In fact, many are able to offer a used car warranty on any vehicle coming off their lot because they too have done a detailed inspection of the cars on their lot.
Because of the longevity of vehicles that are made today, it may come as no surprise that the average age of all cars on the road is more than 11 years. This fact means that the used car market is full of vehicles that will fit almost any search requirements. Understanding, however, the main priorities that you may have as you purchase a used vehicle can help you limit your search. A limited search can help you locate the right car at the right price much faster.
Are you ready to start the research for your next pre-owned vehicle?

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