3 Tips On Preserving Your Tires And Making Sure They Are Road Ready

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Most people don’t even know where their spare tire is located under their spare tire cover. If they were to ever get a flat, they might not even know the spare tire cover housed their spare. Tire covers can be tricky for people with limited knowledge of cars. While most people don’t know too much about spare tire covers, they are a necessary part of your car. Custom tire covers can be a great way to make an integral part of your car look great. Custom made tire covers can also protect your spare should you ever need. Ideally, you would never have to remove your spare tire cover, but there are 220 million flat tires every year in America. Here are 3 tips to make sure you don’t have to remove your spare tire cover and avoid flat tires.

1. Check your tire pressure. Making sure your tires are up to the correct pressure is a huge part of preventing flats. This also has the added bonus of improving your gas mileage. This is a simple step that can save you money and time. Gas stations are a great place to fill up and usually provide free compressed air. Only 20% of American take this necessary step every month.

2. Rotate your tires. You should be doing this about every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. This will prevent uneven wearing of you tires and spare you from having to break out the spare tire cover if anything were to happen to one of your tires. This will reduce the likelihood of flat tires.

3. Make sure to get your wheels realigned regularly. This will help reduce the uneven wear on your tires and improve your gas mileage. Both of these outcomes will save you money. They also will prevent unexpected flats and blowouts.

Take advantage of these three steps to reduce the risk of flat tires. If you do have tires that are worn out, you can recycle them and help the environment. his might involve retreading the tires and making them usable again. Try these three tips and avoid spending more money on new tires.

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