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Sno Pushers Clear Runways and Parking Lots, Make Everyday Life Possible in the Snow Belt

The Snow Belt in the U.S. and Canada – everything north of 37 N – lives up to its name, getting hit with an average of 80 inches or more of snow every winter. It also lives up to its

Are You Looking Forward to Winter Weather?

You hate to admit it, but that time of year is approaching again. Last night’s weather report indicated that towns 100 miles away from your city were going to receive measurable amounts of snow. Here you go again. It is

Snow Plows Clearing Parking Lots One Snow Storm At A Time

The issue of clearing snow is becoming increasingly prevalent in the United States, with recent winters having record snow storms. In their record high seasons, the cities of Salt Lake City, Anchorage, and Denver have each received eight feet of