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Six Benefits of Online Auctions Using Simulcast

Originating from a wide variety of sources including but not limited to landlord liquidations, estate sales and law enforcement confiscations, many items are put up for auction instead of being sold in a traditional retail environment. The beauty of auctions

6 Benefits of Online Auto Auctions

If you are interested in learning more about online auto auctions, here are some great reasons to consider participating in these new fantastic events that will connect your business with more customers. 1. Simulcast is one of the best systems

The Benefits of Using Car Auction Software

Did you know that from 1999-2013, more than 745 million vehicles were produced around the globe? Although the automotive industry took a big hit in 2009 because of the U.S. recession, car sales are beginning to improve again. Auto auction

How to Sell Cars Online

If you want to buy or sell a car, you know that the current automobile market is competitive and confusing. If you’re a potential customer, for example, you’ve probably found that searching for a car online or in person means