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New and Used Car Sales Are an Important Part of the Nation’s Economy

You still remember those first driving lessons. The jerky starts and stops. The tight grip that you had on the door handle. The pressure under your foot while you hoped beyond hope that you could will the your daughter in

I Need A Vehicle That’s Dog Friendly, Child Friendly And Travel Friendly Where Do I Start Looking?

It’s time for you to buy a new car. Your current one is either starting to show its age or your growing family is in dire need of a few more options to get through the week. Should you just

Ways to Make Your Car More Kid-Friendly For Long Trips

Almost every parent who has taken their kids on a road trip dreads the question, “Are we there yet?” Even trips that might sound short to an adult — one or two hours — can seem like eternity to kids.

Simple Tips For Getting the Most Out of Used Fords

Many car buyers and shoppers may feel a bit of trepidation when it comes to buying a pre owned vehicle, but used cars for sale are just that; they’re used, not useless! Used vehicles are worthwhile investment, allowing car owners